Shordie Shordie

Name: Shordie Shordie
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Age: 22

Northeast Baltimore’s Shordie Shordie is the closest thing the city has to a Lil Uzi Vert-like character. When looking at the artists who have gotten citywide support over the past few years, he is surely the most flamboyant and eccentric. Shordie’s dances and scratchy harmonies have created some of the best entertainment to come out of the city in recent memory. When it comes to making amazing hooks he is undefeated, gaining him his hilarious but fitting nickname, Captain Hook. Shordie has mastered the art of engaging with his fans while still remaining to keep the suspense alive by posting and deleting Instagram snippets of songs off his debut project - Captain Hook. The songs are mostly comprised of almost alien-sounding trap ballads about failed attempts at love. The clips are so enticing that fans take it upon themselves to upload compilations of them to YouTube to hold them over until he finally drops.

Shordie finally gave the people what they wanted with his 9 track release on December 08, 2018. Since the release, Shordie has created an impressive amount of buzz around his tape as a whole but the contagiously catchy rec

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Subgenre: Hip-Hop / Rap
From: Baltimore, MD