credit: @PhotoJoseph

"Punchy guitars, steadfast bass lines, and intricate drum patterns merge to create peppy indie rock redolent of PJ Harvey and Jenny Lewis. Much like Harvey and Lewis, Castro's voice is delicate and pointed at once, occupying that sweet space between antidote and venom that can be so difficult to perfect. But, of course, Castro nails it. Belcurve offers some of the best indie rock in Austin."

Belcurve is from Austin originating from different parts of the US, bringing individual hometown influences to create their Psych-Indie Rock sound. They fit in well and thrive in Austin because of their eclectic backgrounds, genre-range and lyrical themes. The band consists of Sarah Castro the mastermind behind it all (lead vocals, guitar), Matt Parmenter (bass, keyboards, producer), Andrew Solin (guitar), Charlie Anderson (bass,) and Matt Booth (drums). Listeners can hear the influence of contemporary song-focused rock bands in their recordings and on stage. They like to get creative with synths and spacey/acid guitar sounds and vocals that stretch them into Pink Floyd territory.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: Austin, TX