Luke Banter

Luke Banter

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Luke Banter - Go Psycho

Growing up in the heart of Downtown Chicago comes with its pressures, and battles. Luke Banter is an artist who is not afraid to share his stories, secrets, and entire life on the track . Influenced by young love, and mature lust makes Banter a rare offering as he combines an unforgettable giggly ad-lib with introspective lyrics and sing along hooks. Luke has his own approach to creating. Uniting family friendly visuals with mature music makes Luke enjoyable to all ages. Imagine if Mac Miller grew up 15 minutes away from Chicago’s Drill Music scene. How would that sound? Banter makes it evident he is not one for fitting in; He is an artist who stands out effortlessly. An amazing stage presence had him opening up for Wale before Luke was able to do 5 shows, and he also performed as an opener on a Waka Flocka tour in 2016. Luke’s sincerity allows him to win over any crowd. His work ethic is unmatched and his debut album “Dear Darla” will have him on your radar before you can understand him fully. Luke Banter is changing what it means to be cool while bringing a breath of fresh air to an industry full of artificial acts. The show is about to start.

Instagram: @LukeBanter

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Subgenre: Indie Pop
From: Chicago, IL