Adrian Jean

Adrian Jean
Adrian Jean - See The Stars

Adrian Jean has led a tumultuous life that’s taken him from the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia to glamorous nightclubs, to homelessness and redemption. The soulful Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter channels this past into intimate yet infectious pop-meets- R&B sounds.

Adrian offers a powerful look at his personal history through anthemic and club-ready tracks such as “Tell The World,” alongside thoughtful songs about identity and acceptance like “Story of Blue.” His yearning, yet polished, gospel-influenced vocals and catchy beats sound as if Adele and Sam Smith produced a statuesque black child with a serious story to tell.

After several successful years singing Top 40 covers and standards across the country, Adrian decided to focus on his own music and developed Caged Bird. Adrian has performed his music as a five piece band as part of a two month residency series at the inaugural US multimedia exhibition The Velvet Underground Experience, which opened in New York City on Oct. 10.

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: R & B
From: Los Angeles, CA