credit: Jonah Candelario

Blood - Widow's Peak

Blood is a jazz punk band from Austin, Texas that began in Tim O'Brien's Hyde Park bedroom in the Winter of 2017. After years of performing poetry and singing in experimental projects, Tim took to the bedroom with the sole intention of making a tape for his best friend in the grips of a long battle with depression. The result feels like an adolescent, whose broken into the Pentagon just to piss on the carpet and fulfill a uniform fetish with his father’s colleagues.

It is the collision...ahem collusion... of these dual energies which has ultimately expanded the project into a five piece jazz punk ensemble. At times the band sounds like the Talking Heads fronted by a murderous queer Black Francis. In other moments it sounds like Ian Curtis convinced that he sounds like Dionne Warwick; a crooning epileptic in a balladeer's ballgown. In a more general sense, the members of Blood have been brought together by a mutual instinct to curate a perverse love affair between noise and pop music.

Regardless of how much vitriol the band has allowed to seep from the stage, one can at all times feel a greater sense of militant naivety which guides the bands every move.

-Steve Job 4:20

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Genre: Punk
Subgenre: Jazz
From: Austin, TX