Ryan Adair Rooney

Ryan Adair Rooney

credit: Rowdy Dugan

Ryan Adair Rooney - Wash Away

Ryan Adair Rooney is a multi instrumentalist , singer and songwriter. . Rooney was Born in Germany , grew up in New England and now lives in the high desert landscape of Marfa Texas, his music reflects this. Rooney puts out a sound reminiscent of Spaghetti Western , Psychadelic sound scape with nodes of post punk , folk and even some hints of chicha. Ryan has remained obscure to the mainstream by going under several aliases throughout his career , he has played in several short lived bands that tend to exist in the underground. Providence duo "serotonin" , late 90's surf punk "the Catatonics , Boston's "reverend glasseye" , the Insect Fable , Brian Ramos' "KANKO" , Tim O'keefe's "TFO", James Franco's "Daddy , Followed by Static , Midnight Masses , Jockimo and aliases such as "rycootermelontramp , Dear wolf and White Chocolate Rainbow Destroyer. Ryan has worked as an audio engineer and has worked with such bands as My Bloody Valentine, Butthole Surfers , Midlake , Flaming lips and many more. The music he creates seems to reflect deeply on the bands that he has worked with.
He is currently working on a solo record to be released on “super secret records” in 2019.

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Subgenre: Avant / Experimental
From: Marfa, TX