RADS Krusaders

RADS Krusaders

credit: Bertuzzi Photography

RADS Krusaders - Big Shoes to Walk In

RADS Krusaders are a contemporary jazz group based in Houston, TX. With the assistance RADS co-founder, Nic Allen of New Orleans, legendary pianist Joe Sample hand-picked each member to continue on the legacy of the jazz group, The Crusaders. Each co-founding member brought their own unique type of playing style to the group. These new knights include King Richard Owens of Chicago, Yul Dorn, Jr. of the Bay Area, CA, and Mark Scurlock, Jr. of Jackson, MS. Together, they fashion an expansive range of fresh musical concepts, sonic effects, a mix of vocal and instrumental R&B/jazz styles and a forward thinking, 21st Century approach to the classic styles recorded and performed for decades by The Crusaders. Sample said of them, “When I accepted the position at Texas Southern University I aimed to teach students the art form of playing and recording music at a high level. The students who became RADS Krusaders, opened their hearts and ears to what I needed to share with them from my experience and point of view. The hard work these guys developed in their performance, compositions/arrangements and personality allowed me to appreciate teaching, and it was a lot of fun."

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Genre: Jazz
Subgenre: Fusion
From: Houston, TX