credit: Courtesy of the band/artist

AEM - CD2-02 title 3

AEM is a new electronic classical pop band comprising of four permanent musicians: Xiao Ying (keyboard, vocal), LUKA (electronic control, vocal), and Long Fei (BASS, vocal). Band gathers a number of professional musicians, cross-over classical and popular, Academic and the public. It is based on the creation of classical, electronic, rock and other multi-element pioneer music, and performs cross-border cooperation performances in galleries, art exhibitions, and high-end brands. Occasionally, according to the needs of the work, other musicians who include rock, pop, electro-acoustic and classical fields will join in the show.

AEM is known as Art et Métier and is the name of a subway station in Paris, France. It is a Place where Xiao Ying and Luka used to be. AEM's formational plan can be traced back to about four or five years ago, but the formation of the official team was in 2016.

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Genre: Classical
Subgenre: Electronic
From: Beijing, CHINA