The Pantones

The Pantones

credit: Taylor Boylston

The Pantones - Corruption

The Pantones are siblings Madeline and Angeline Doctor along with lead vocalist Isabel Salinas. Having met each other in high school after bonding over similar music tastes and vintage clothing, The Pantones first formed under the name "Bande à part" (which translates to Band Of Outsiders in French) after a 1964 Jean-Luc Godard film. When contacted, however, by a venue to perform in an upcoming show, The Pantones immediately rebranded and recorded two singles by themselves. The band records their instruments in a bedroom while vocals in their high school's ROP room. After the release of the two singles, comparisons to the jangly guitar riffs of The Smiths were quickly made. In November of 2017, the group released the EP "For The Ones Who Love You." After being inspired by the 1981 single "Primary" by The Cure (where Gallup and Smith were both playing bass), two bass guitars became a prominent feature of the EP. After being inspired by self-produced acts in the 1980s (The Cleaners From Venus, The Hit Parade, etc.), The Pantones decided to self-record and release two new singles in September of 2018.

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Post-Punk
From: Los Angeles, CA