La Real del Sonido

La Real del Sonido
La Real del Sonido - Otro Mundo es Posible

For over six years now, and through various recordings "La Real del Sonido" have carved themselves out a place in the musical scene in Bogotá Colombia as a band that fuses Latin rhythms, Hip-Hop and Rock with a message of political conscience, social denunciation and nonconformity, as well a band that step onto any stage and do the crowd move.

"LA REAL" has worked hand by hand with the Latin American student movement, social organizations and free software activists. Some of the highlighted shows in its history are, the "Vive latino 2016" festival (Mexico), "Otro Beta" 2015 festival (Venezuela), "Rock al Parque " 2013 and 2015 (Colombia), and more than 200 concerts throughout the Colombian territory.

In "La Real" discography has the EP "Gozadera Nacional" and "Felizmente" released in 2014 and "Otro Mundo es Posible" 2017 that has a more mature sound, even more sharp lyrics and has the participation of Lianna (Colombia), Los del Patio (Venezuela) and Sinergia (Chile).

  In conclusion "La Real del Sonido" is a band that reflects in its music, popular taste and social reality, with an eclectic and visionary perspective of art as a tool for social change.

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Genre: Latin Rock
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Bogota, COLOMBIA