Dwellers - Totem Crawler

The Dwellers are on the threshold…again!

On the threshold of what, you may understandably inquire? World domination, the apocalypse, a slushy mission to the local 7-Eleven?

The answer may well be “all of the above,” but we think none is as important as the impending release of the Salt Lake City group’s hotly anticipated second full-length, Pagan Fruit (call us biased!), which is due to see the light of day through Small Stone Recordings in May of 2014.
The album follows in the still echoing sonic shockwaves of Dwellers’ enthusiastically received debut of 2012, Good Morning Harakiri, which saw the newly assembled trio of vocalist/guitarist Joey Toscano, bassist Dave Jones, and drummer Zach Hatsis pooling together their impressive prior musical credentials (Toscano with psych-metal adventurers Iota; Jones and Hatsis with doom/goth atmospheric bandits, SubRosa) with staggeringly powerful and memorable results.

Now, the terrible triplets are confident they can one-up themselves with Pagan Fruit: an album that both exceeds the lysergic power chord trip initiated on that first album, and expands the band’s creative horizons into realms heretofore unexplored.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Psychedelic
From: Salt Lake City, UT