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TarantisT - TarantisT_Breath

Formed in 2000 by a group of young underground metal heads, TARANTIST originated in the basement alternative rock and heavy metal scenes in their native Tehran, Iran. Having to perform secretly-but-loudly often proved to be difficult, but after sparking a following via word of mouth in the underground, the band soon began to garner international recognition. Within just a few years, international media correspondents inspired by their story (including BBC, SKY, CNN, NPR, Metal Hammer and Kerrang) started visiting Tehran to meet and talk with TARANTIST. These news reports and articles aided TARANTIST in cultivating a worldwide following – motivating the band to relocate to the United States Los Angeles in 2008.

Although remaining positive, TARANTIST quickly found that they weren’t able to fully escape the pressures they faced back home, stemming from “not being Muslim enough”. Once they arrived in the United States, they experienced opposite – uncomfortable stereotypes and assumptions directed at them simply based on their culture and/or how they looked – all the while never practicing religion in the first place. Determined, TARANTIST didn’t let this slow them down.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Los Angeles, CA