Ferris & Sylvester

Ferris & Sylvester

credit: Aaron Taylor

Ferris & Sylvester - Burning River

Ferris & Sylvester are songwriters - With clear references in their catchy setup to the mid-60s sounds of Greenwich Village combined with their meatier blues tones, the pair sit somewhere between Jack White and First Aid Kit. Their clever combination of blues, folk and rock n roll has created a distinctive genre of their own.

The London-based pair met almost three years ago and have since won over the capital with their ever-growing live presence and songwriting. In 2018, the duo released their highly anticipated EP 'Made In Streatham' which they self-produced in their South London flat. Released through their own label 'Archtop Records', the EP has clocked up millions of plays on Spotify and received widespread praise across the board.

After a monumental year of touring in 2018, F&S now stand poised and ready to launch into the new year as proudly independent songwriters and performers. With their eyes fixed on building up to their debut album, the duo have expanded their sound into a deeper and darker body of work.

‘A rich and fully realised sound that leaves one pining for a full-length.’ – Rolling Stone Magazine

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Genre: Americana
Subgenre: Folk
From: London, UK-ENGLAND