Josin - In The Blank Space

There’s a naivety to Josin’s productions that defies description. 2017 EP ‘Epilogue’ was a soaring, moving introduction, a strikingly original fusion of neo-classical textures and inquisitive electronics. Incoming full length ‘In The Blank Space’ takes this conversation further, a broad but stunningly concise exposition of supple strings, textured vocals, and digital excursions. One thread that consistently moved through her work are those gorgeous classical elements; whether that’s her treatment of melody on the supple, piano-driven ‘Once Apart’, her exploration of tone on ‘Feral Thing’, or simply incorporating a string quartet on the title track, ‘In The Blank Space’ points to the future while looking back to her past. “I think that’s maybe why I’m not only an electronic artist, but I’m also not just a singer-songwriter,” she insists. “I do both. I produce and I write songs." Her technical autodidacticism is allied to a searing ambition, an unrelenting creativity. It’s the sound of someone who utterly loves music bringing this creativity into resolute focus, a conversation between the organic and the digital, between her inner world and that urge towards communication.

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Subgenre: Alternative
From: Freiburg, GERMANY