It Was Romance

It Was Romance

credit: Ariana Anhalt

It Was Romance - Hooking Up With Girls

It Was Romance is a Brooklyn-based rock quartet that mixes in elements of dance pop, kind of like if Fiona Apple made a record with Chvrches. Their self-titled debut album It Was Romance was released in 2015. Pitchfork named the album one of the records to watch. BUST Magazine called them The Best Band of 2015. Village Voice premiered the first single, “Philadelphia,” praising the album for its “glittering instrumental aspect and Moore’s velvety vocal delivery make the rest of “It Was Romance” saunter around like the life of the party, occasionally winking just to make sure you’re hooked.” Paste Magazine described the band as “Hearkening back to a Dig Me Out era Sleater Kinney, Moore’s expansive sound covers love and all its mishaps with a catchy, blast loud and sing proud thoughtfulness. The music video for “Hooking Up With Girls” was released in late 2016 on the front page of Nylon. The video was quickly picked up by numerous media outlets, including Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, VICE, BUST, Refinery 29, AV Club. Vogue Magazine said It Was Romance's music videos, “give me life." Billboard named them one of 16 Female-Fronted Bands You Should Know.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Electronic
From: Brooklyn, NY