Sad Cops

Sad Cops

credit: Austin Roa

Sad Cops - Honey

Sad Cops is a rock outfit from Denton, TX that quickly gained a cult following around the north Texas music scene starting in mid-2016 with the release of their debut LP titled Liam Murphy Holt. Since then, the band completed multiple tours across the country while continuing to develop a large online presence, with praise coming from the likes of Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop, Minnesota rock band Hippo Campus, and numerous online music publications. 2018 saw the release of Sad Cops' newest material, an EP titled Transition Songs, and a solo tour of the east coast and midwest beginning in December. "Honey", the EP's emotional fan favorite, received airplay on KXT and Spotify's Fresh Finds: Six Strings official playlist. Sad Cops' dynamically energetic and heartfelt stage presence is infectious and intimate and continues to draw listeners in a wide variety of settings.

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Power Pop
From: Denton, TX