Elder Island

Elder Island
Elder Island - Elder Island - Don't Lose

There is magic in Elder Island’s music and perhaps a little witchcraft. Trying to pin the Bristol trio’s sound down is pointless because the usual pop rules don’t apply. Textures matter as much as melodies. Genres bend and blend. Electronics rub shoulders with odd instruments. Katy Sargent sings as though casting a spell.

The Omnitone Collection, Elder Island’s extraordinary debut album, boasts ten tracks that are rich tapestries of tiny moments in time, but also sweeping soundtracks riven with ambition. They are songs to lose yourself in, to be swept away by, to send shivers up your spine.

Formed six years ago as an experiment-come-university hobby, Elder Island are singer and cellist Katy, bassist and beats maker Luke Thornton and guitarist and synth wizard David Havard. None hail from Bristol, but the city was what brought them together and its genre-mashing scene was what inspired them to start Elder Island.

The trio of Four Tet fans started out with jam sessions at home, adding weird percussion to Luke’s loops and stitching field recordings in to their soundscapey songs.

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Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Indie Pop
From: Bristol, UK-ENGLAND