Buck Gooter

Buck Gooter

credit: Zoo Williams

Buck Gooter - Peace Siren

Finer Thorns is the Buck Gooter’s 18th album in 14 years, and second for independent Philadelphia label Ramp Local. The duo -- self-described as a "primal industrial blues band" -- has managed to gain the recognition of underground luminaries like Henry Rollins, and has toured both the United States (every year for the past 14 years) and Europe with A Place To Bury Strangers, Guerrilla Toss, The Sediment Club and ONO - their live shows are possibly even more energetic than their breakneck recordings. In performance, vocalist/synthethist/percussionist Billy Brat will flail around the room, brandishing his iconic serpent-like facial expression -- tongue out, eyes rolled into the back of his head. Terry Turtle dawns his signature mask and chain mail, his acoustic guitar hangs low around his neck and is adorned with a hallucinatory painted finish; he's a stoic figure while Billy thrashes about the stage.

Musically, Buck Gooter's sound is filled with manic howls, melodic synth sequences, crisp and pummeling drum machines, and highly distorted guitar, resulting in a cacophonous punk-industrial haze a la Nine Inch Nails, Iggy Pop and Grinderman.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Industrial
From: Harrisonburg, VA