credit: Photo by GG / Nancy

The enigmatic songwriter was raised in subdued North East England and not unlike many others, Nancy dressed & acted in ways that seemed out-of-the-ordinary. Combined with his then-unhelpful androgynous and abnormal physical features, “Nancy” was both a punchline &label throughout the songwriter’s formative years.

Beginning as a form of escapism a pop music obsession began. It’s these past lives & vivid influences that are reimagined and regurgitated into debut Mysterious Visions.

Within 8 weeks in the real world, Nancy has been been described as a musical auteur, a surrealist king, a mysterious newcomer, a provocateur, both male and female, a necromancer, in the same sentence both classy and trashy, weird and wonderful.

Recorded, produced, art-directed by Nancy the none-the-same 7-songs-long ‘EP’ is proof of concept. An explosive kaleidoscopic vision of theatricality, romance and melancholy, a cocktail of sassy lo-fi cabaret and art-dream-pop with contemporary deformities, a Sgt. Peppers-for-degenerates body of work to get lost in; best understood with a front-to-back listen.

Like cigarettes, its highly addictive and probably bad for you.

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Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: London, UK-ENGLAND