Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams

credit: Nicke Strøm

Wet Dreams - Bad Boy

Wet Dreams is a project with people from Death By Unga Bunga, FOAAAM and Warp Riders. The members found a collective interest for modern American psychedelic hard rock and punk, and has done a number of shows in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland after they started up in 2015. Most notably Øyafestivalen in Oslo.
They released their debut ep, Cartridge Belt in 2017 that got attention far outside of Norway.
Clash Magazine “Wet Dreams sent the needle into the red so long ago they've forgotten how to get it back. The band specialise in snarling garage punk with a proto-metal sneer, stomping on a never-ending row of Big Muff pedals in the process.”

NME “Imagine Motorhead covering The Hives. Add beer, punk, and stir. Doesn’t that sound fun?”
«77er Punk trifft Sixties Schmelz, herrlich! Für Freunde von Ty Segall, King Gizzard oder Jay Reatard uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen.» Intro.de
Songwriter Sebastian Ulstad Olsen has this to say about the music: «Even if the song structures aren’t miles away from the stuff I write in Death By Unga Bunga, I’ve been longing to challenge the recording and production process. I love music that bend the rules, so Wet Dreams is a great laboratory for this

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Garage
From: Oslo, NORWAY