Hickeys - Is Lawrence dead?

Hickeys is a band from Madrid, Spain. Formed in 2017 by Marta SV, Ana Erice, Maite Barrena and Martina Gil. They have played many gigs in the capital and all along the country, supporting different local and international bands like Mujeres (Barcelona), The Parrots (Madrid) and Peach Pit (Canada), and also, they have played in the European DIY Music Conference. This year, they have played in festivals like FIB 2018, Sound Isidro 2018 Ebrovisión 2018 and Get Mad 2018.

Their first EP is Diamond Munch, an unpredictable and contradictory mixture. Here is where feelings and thoughts of each member flowing across the creation process assemble with humanity on it, encouraging each one to shape this work. Distorted or wildly naked guitars, a set of voices that covers the entire vocal spectrum, basses with great presence and more rhythms than minutes of songs: an X-ray of the lives of its members during the creation process. Their peculiar style goes from lo-fi garage to 90s post-punk, what they finally have called Glitter-punk, coining this term as a personal brand.


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Genre: Punk
Subgenre: Garage
From: Madrid, SPAIN