Ceramic Animal

Ceramic Animal

credit: Nick Benton

Ceramic Animal - So Familiar

A couple a nasty boys from outside of Philadelphia playing psychedelic garage-yacht.

The five-piece consists of three brothers: Warren Regan (Vox/guitar), Elliott Regan (Keys/Vox), Erik Regan (Drums) as well as the not-brothers but highly-brotherly Dallas Hosey (Bass/Vox) and Ant Marchione (Guitar). The group independently released its first album "The Cart" in August of 2016 and the follow up album "The Horse" in August of 2018. Everyone loves every track off of both albums. "The Cart" and "The Horse" were both written, mixed and produced by Warren Regan.

They have garnered acclaim for being the first band to ever wear suits on stage. You will see them wearing their signature handsome-boy suits (unisex) during their live performances. Ceramic Animal's live show is known for being very slick as they cast an almost angelic aura whilst they perform their most righteous of numbers. Many a tear hath been shed upon sight of the sultry suit slinging sons of psychedlium.

Though they claim to be "independent", it is speculated that Ceramic Animal is actually a corporate plant by Big Suit and the suit lobby.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: Philadelphia, PA