Moritz Simon Geist

Moritz Simon Geist
Moritz Simon Geist - Entropy

Moritz Simon Geist is a media artist, engineer and robotic musician. Each sound in his mind-blowing performances is played by robots. Small motors beat on metal, 3D-printed robo-kalimbas vibrate with deep bass sounds, salvaged parts from old hard drives click and cut. Over several years Moritz Simon Geist committed to build, tweak, test and play all of his DIY robotic instruments.
Geist’s ‘Sonic Robots’ push the boundaries of the imaginable and invent a new plurality in music creation. In electronic music, many imagine humans playing machines. Few imagined these music machines being actual robots. In 2012, Geist ventured into this exploration with the invention of his well-known oversized MR-808 robot. Now, he goes even further to pioneer the unknown and futuristic sound world of ‘Robotic Electronic Music’.
In this quest, Geist teamed up with the Berliner sound alchemists ‘Mouse On Mars‘ to dig deep into the history of mechanical music and experiments of early electronic music. In 2018 he releases the first ever techno record made with only robots on his Label SRR with help from KOMPAKT.

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Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Brand Partnership, Booking Agent - Worldwide, Sync/Music Supervisors

Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: House / Techno
From: Dresden, GERMANY