Rachel Gawley

AppAttic Ltd

Rachel is an award-winning mobile technology specialist, CEO and founder of AppAttic. Rachel has a PhD in Software Architecture and was a Research Fellow within the Connected Health domain. Rachel specialises in commercialising research for online software platforms and games aimed at the health and wellness market. Rachel has architected software products with hundreds of thousands of users and has published over 1000 apps to mobile App Stores. In 2015, Rachel was named in the Belfast top 50 business awards and received the Startup of the year award. Rachel was responsible for creating Chipin, AppAttic's, novel software platform that won the Creative Media category at Invent 2015. Rachel's current research focus is on gamifying health and wellness while bridging the gap between the health service model and consumer software products. Rachel is an advocate for getting young people involved with entrepreneurship and the opportunities associated with careers in technology. She likes to give back to the upcoming generation by giving talks, mentoring and generally getting involved in the great events happening around the NI Tech scene.