Maryangel Garcia-Ramos

Diversity & Inclusion Lead
Mexican Women With Disabilities

Maryangel is a Mexican woman that has worked for Diversity & Inclusion and Social Development innovation for the last 8 years. Living a disability on her own, she is truly passionate about creating positive, disrupting communications through different platforms that actually send a positive integrating message about our cultural and physical differences, our bodies, our gender and age, and our preferences.

She is currently the lead specialist of Diversity & Inclusion at Tec de Monterrey (biggest private university in Mexico). She is a member of the Social Development Council and People with Disabilities Citizen Council.

She is also a Keynote speaker and a consultant, where she has spoken to about + 7000 people about how diversity & inclusion drive to INNOVATION. She has developed several labor inclusion and innovation strategies for NGOs, venues and stadiums, music festivals, companies, congress and government public policy.

In inclusion in education and labor, she has worked intensely in matters of education and work inclusion for people with disabilities in Mexico, developing different strategies by market and target, based on innovation.

In communications and culture, she lead the first time a 100% inclusive and accessible strategy for 2 music festivals in Mexico (music for all), she was part of the MARS ambassador program from Mars Inc, to create the internal and external communications strategy for Save the Children Indonesia. Created the women with disabilities chapter in People with Disabilities Citizen Council, that fights for equality.

Today she continues to develop a structural strategy that fights for equality and respect, trying to make people get rid of the fear of what´s different and use those differences as a competitive advantage in every sector.