JOY (Charlene deGuzman,) a 20-something lost soul, realizes she has a problem and seeks help at a 12-step meeting for sex and love addiction. There she meets MADDIE (Melissa Leo), who becomes her sponsor. Maddie allows Joy to stay at her grandmother’s guesthouse if she agrees to go 30 days off boys, sex, and romance. Joy struggles to get sober and Maddie suggests she find a hobby. Joy finds a drum kit in the garage and meets JIM (John Hawkes), Maddie's clinically awkward brother. Joy and Jim create music together, and a secret friendship develops. Joy teaches Jim to take risks with his music and his heart, and Jim shows Joy that she can have a healthy relationship with a man as a friend.

[Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.]

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.


Suzi Yoonessi



Director: Suzi Yoonessi
Executive Producer: Mark Duplass & Jay Duplass
Producer: Jen Roskind
Screenwriter: Charlene deGuzman, Sarah Adina Smith, Mark Duplass
Cinematographer: Moira Morel
Editor: Kristina Davies
Production Designer: Nino Alicia
Sound Designer: Jamie Selway
Music: John Hawkes
Principal Cast: Charlene deGuzman, John Hawkes, Melissa Leo, Paul James, Ellen Geer
Additional Credits: Associate Producer: Patton Oswalt, Co-Producer: Louise Shore, Costume Designer: Francesca Roth, Music Supervisor: Dan Wilcox, Composer: Christopher French, Executive Poducers: Sarah Smick & Ian Michaels, Art Director : Cassie Miggins, Makeup Artist: Ana Gabriela Quinonez, 1st AD: Stephanie Janesh


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Year: 2018
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Drama, Music
Screening Section: Narrative Spotlight
Screening Category: Narrative Feature
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 79:28 mins