Show Me The Money: Funding Your Music Tech Startup

A great music technology product or service requires, at minimum, creators with a clear vision, a team that can take the idea from PowerPoint to reality, and the resources to effectively bring it to market. The digital music landscape is littered with “I thought of that 5 years ago!” stories, usually punctuated by “I couldn’t fund it myself, had to get a real job.”

That’s where ‘friends & family’, Angel investors and Venture Capital firms come into play. There are funds available for the right idea, but you need to know when to take investment, from who and at what terms.

This panel of VC's, start-up veterans and advisors want to help you to succeed. Speakers will give you a clear understanding of the various ways to approach funding. What is ‘smart money’, convertible debt, common stock, founders shares and other components of the funding matrix.

You’ve come up with the next Spotify, you deserve to reap the benefits. Spend an hour to maximize your return on innovation.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate