Real Fake News Never Stops: Convo with The Daily Show


Ramin Hedayati

The Daily Show

Jocelyn Conn

The Daily Show

Matt Negrin

The Daily Show

Akash Goyal

Comedy Central

Roy Wood Jr.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is the most socially engaging show in late night, driving more actions per post (likes, shares, comments, reactions, retweets) than the competition. No longer only producing four episodes a week on Comedy Central, the show is now a full-blown multiplatform experience. The digital team is creating original content and interacting with its audience and newsmakers on every social platform as events unfold. Real fake news is 24/7. Join Comedy Central’s VP of multiplatform content strategy, The Daily Show’s producers and correspondent Roy Wood Jr., for an in-depth discussion about the daily conversation that happens between the show and its audience on social media.

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