WomanCode: Biohacking Hormones, Cycle, Creativity & Success

WomanCode: Biohacking Hormones, Cycle, Creativity & Success
Recording: WomanCode: Biohacking Hormones, Cycle, Creativity & Success, Mar 11, 2018


Alisa Vitti

Flo Living

You likely have been made to feel that your hormones are this mysterious random chaotic force that are not to be trusted. The truth is your hormones need specific care and feeding to function at optimal levels. You should have an easy, healthy monthly hormonal experience, no PMS, no period problems - that's what nature intended. If not, it must be addressed the right way to restore your wellbeing. Optimizing this system of your body opens up a potent neuroendocrine conversation that allows you be in your creative zone more, increases your productivity, to do less and achieve more. Biohacking has been focused, like most things, on the male circadian pattern, but women need totally different things to feel your best and win the day. Come for your re-orientation to your body, your brain, and your power. There will be an app to download to support you after the class.

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