The Future and Science of Psychedelics

Recording: The Future and Science of Psychedelics, Mar 11, 2018

Join bestselling author Tim Ferriss (Tools of Titans, The 4-Hour Workweek, etc.) as he probes the science, mysteries, and future of psychedelics with Dr. Roland R. Griffiths, a clinical pharmacologist at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Griffiths has been researching mood-altering compounds for more than 40 years, has published more than 370 scientific papers, and started the psilocybin (think “magic mushrooms") research program at Johns Hopkins nearly 20 years ago. Dr. Griffiths and his colleagues have been leaders in the re-initiation of research with classic psychedelic drugs, which was blocked for a period of several decades. This session will offer details and stories that can help both novices and experienced psychonauts get a better understanding of the applications of these incredible compounds.

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