Adnan Jaber aka "AJ" was born and raised in Chicago! Named after His father Adnan , his father immigrated From Palestine to Chicago in the 80's to make a better living. His father Adnan met a young lady at the time who he soon married and then later AJ was born. His parents later divorced when AJ was just 3. As a kid he always had a love for music listening to great artist such as Michael Jackson and hip hop legends such as Tupac, Eminem, Biggie, to name a few! From there he always knew he had a love for music! He started to study the way rhymes were put together and always had a love to just write. He also had another passion which was in sports where he played baseball as a kid all the way into the college level! During his college years he had to make a choice of whether to pursue his dreams of playing baseball or working to make money to help his family out. He went to barber school and became a barber in Chicago and work day in and day out to help out his family! Year after year of working the daily routine he felt he still needed to follow his passions and dreams and that would always come back to haunt him if he never gave it a full shot. So finally he decided to pick up the

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Subgenre: Hip-Hop / Rap
From: Chicago, IL