Lyric Michelle

Lyric Michelle
Lyric Michelle - Weekend (la di da di)

Chicago bred and Houston raised, the music of Lyric Michelle pays homage to both; fusing southern charm, a touch of poetry and a blast of ferocious lyricism to deliver a sound that is uniquely her own.
Initially getting her start in poetry, in time it would be music that would steal her heart, as she smoothly transitioned from penning prose to spitting bars. For Lyric the transition was not only smooth, it was natural. Or as she describes it, “Hip Hop is poetry. Think of Tupac, Lupe, Lauryn. Real hip hop and poetry are different sides of the same coin.”

Lyric hasn't by far always been this seemingly and sometimes cliche "strong black girl". She states, "I feel as though when people comment on a black woman's strength, they neglect to mention the pain that is needed to create such strength. People forget. I want to remind them".

"Lyric won’t just spend her time on the mic complaining. She’s offering a solution and promises to “feed us the truth.” She promises, “As you follow me. I will lead you to enlightenment.” Lyric’s a smart woman.... If Lyric were a chef, her specialty would be food for thought"

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Subgenre: Afro Punk
From: Houston, TX