SpivOberta - Ти у моїх руках (You are in my hands)

SpivOberta wants to create new music, music like no one has heard before.

From traditional songs and sounds of their childhood in Dobropillia in Eastern Ukraine, Kyrylo Vakariev and Kyrylo Bavykin fuse interpretative and original songs into popular music.

Their songs rise from the thoughts of everyday people, happy memories from childhood, first love, family, nature, insignificant moments that are important to notice and appreciate, hoping the listener will feel them also. Energy moves from their lives to their music, with complex rhythms and relentless drive, encouraging dancing.

The conflicts in their homeland, mistrust and uncertainty, motivate the necessity to create. Rediscovering folklore and traditional songs as Ukrainian musicians, they strive to reinterpret and make personal their expression and discovery of joy and celebration in Ukrainian music.

Performing in Ukraine and the US, the band has been reaching out to new audiences, new musical partners, seeking and sharing a new identity.

SpivOberta returns to SXSW and Austin with new music, new inspirations, new dreams.

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Genre: World
Subgenre: Fusion
From: Dobropillia, UKRAINE