Hazey Eyes

Hazey Eyes
Hazey Eyes - Some Reason (feat. FEELDS)

There's a certain power to music, a magic that allows the listener to be transported into a new place where their fears and needs are understood. It's that spellbinding quality that's at the root of Hazey Eyes & his new EP, 'Some Reason', a record that's as much a comfort blanket as it is a cushion to sit back & reflect on past and future experiences.

Though there are subtle nods to his electronic background in the music, Hazey Eyes sits in a place of his own -one of comforting reflection, somewhere between when night time begins & the day ends, all compliment with strings hinting at his orchestral background. "Writing music is a way for me to blow off steam," he says. "I come home from work and play the piano and see what comes out. I don't open Ableton with a goal in mind. I think it's really important to let my ears guide me."

The result is an EP centered firmly in the realm of heartbreak. "It's focused on relationships, the darker side of them," Tom says, hinting at each of the tracks on the record. " If you know me personally I'm an upbeat person but this is the outlet for when I'm by myself, personal reflecting on things. It's a little bit of reflection in the darkness."

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Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Synthpop
From: Philadelphia, PA