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Bea Troxel
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You are in a lake, the shape of your body moving through the water. That motion of water, of arm against blue, and light against face, reflection in the water, that is the space where Bea Troxel lives.

Born in Nashville, folk singer-songwriter Bea Troxel, spent the first few years of her twenties in southern TN and central PA. The departure from her roots in Nashville not only fostered a love for Nashville, but it planted a sort of longing and desire for home that are present in her newest songs. After working social work jobs, church jobs, coffee shop jobs, Troxel decided to move back to her hometown in 2017 and record her debut album, The Way That It Feels.

Bea Troxel’s debut album, The Way That It Feels, draws deeply on place and the emotional landscape of her various homes. Various Small Flames wrote that the album is a, "blend of slow burn wisdom and persistent uncertainty.” Troxel reflects on how old houses, the icy Susquehanna, and water brushing over trees serve as metaphors for self-discovery, loneliness, and migration. Longing sits at the emotional core of this album.
She performs the songs with a three piece of tight harmonies, lilting guitar, and swooping violins.

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Genre: Folk
Subgenre: Americana
From: Nashville, TN