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MPR Riche Rich Is A Divine Artist Who Has Been Through Many Obstacles In Life But Has Never Given Up, Even When Times Were Rough. He Was Born To A Family Of Five Siblings, Him Being The Fourth Of the Five On September 17, 1988 In Detroit, Michigan On The Westside Of Town. He Had The Chance To Move And Relocate Many Times Throughout His Life From City To City And State To State. Being Brought Up In A Poverty And Welfare Based Home Environment Gave Him The Strength To Succeed To The Top.
As A Kid And Growing Up The Odds Were Against Him Because He Had To Find His Way In The World Amongst Those Who Had A Better Chance at Life. Although The Situations Seemed To Get Tougher They Made Him Stronger And More Of A Entrepreneur. His Work Ethic Grew Much Larger Than Life As He Learned How To Focus His Energy To Be The Greatest Person Alive. He Doesn't Allow The Failures In Life To Overcome His Visions Which Carries Him Further And Further In His Career. As A Young Man He Learned How To Work With Almost Anybody Who He's Faced To Be Around. He Took His Own Direction To Get Where He Could Stand On HIs Own Two Feet.

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Subgenre: Hip-Hop
From: Atlanta, GA