M3CCA - GOD's Incense

“Who knew that the holy M3CCA would be resting in the heart of Houston where candy painted tops drop and they tip on fours fours.” Born and raised by Gods of plenty artistry she has grown to model the essence of true artistry and creativity that can never be duplicated. She is inspired by greats such as Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, Left Eye & Prince, and strives to take the torch and create a safe haven for the world through the sounds she creates with her voice.
Currently based in Houston and Dallas, Texas she sings, performs, and creates visual art with a mission to celebrate life, spread love, peace, unity, and fruitful knowledge of self awareness to the masses. “Creation and art is the light that carries the world,” and this fresh young artist is a shining light for the world to see.
Intergalactic realms she travels to and comes back bearing plenty gifts of love, empowerment and creativity.

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Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Label, Management, Brand Partnership, Gear Endorsement, Distribution - US, Distribution - UK/Europe, Distribution - Worldwide, Other Artists to Tour With, Booking Agent - US, Booking Agent - UK/Europe, Booking Agent - Worldwide, PR/Publicity Agency, Publishing, Sync/Music Supervisors

Genre: R & B
Subgenre: Electronic
From: Houston, TX