Rockstar Jt

Rockstar Jt
Rockstar Jt - Getcha' Weight Up (feat. Big Yae, CBM Muley & Cet Dollar)

Jaterrius "Rockstar Jt" Johnson is a 19 year old Christian Hip-Hop artist based out of Montgomery, Alabama. JT came on the music scene heavy in 2015 when he dropped his first mixtape Young, Wild, & Free and the lead single of the mixtape was "Young Wild & Free" Ft. Aaron Cole. JT gained national notoriety really quickly off of that one song and through his relationships with artists Thi'sl & Corey Paul. JT currently has a vision to feed the streets music that they can relate to and also he wants to explain the life that he came out of and things that he's saw in his life. JT from the same city as the late Doe B he works really heavy with Doe B's producer/engineer Bao Pham and he wants to keep the streets fed but through a different message. JT really gained more and more notoriety after his grandma died in 2016 and he came out with the hit single Moving Weight. JT's music is to challenge the listener to be who they are but to actually live for a higher purpose than themselves. Recently JT was named one of the 2018 Freshmen.

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Genre: Gospel
Subgenre: Hip-Hop
From: Montgomery, AL