Lizzie and The Makers

Lizzie and The Makers
Lizzie and The Makers - 3.5

Lizzie & The Makers is a female-fronted rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. Dark and soulful lead vocals and lyrics by Lizzie Edwards and original arrangements by Greg McMullen (Chris Whitley, Reeves Gabrels, Speedbuggy USA, Glenn Branca Ensemble) combine the hard rock, and psychedelic soul of musicians like Freddie King, Sharon Jones, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

“Lizzie & the Makers are one of New York’s most distinctive, exhilarating bands. They jam, but they keep their solos short and spot-on, usually two or maybe three bars at the most. Their inspirations are classic Chicago blues and southern soul, but they also have a psychedelic side: they’re closer to Robert Cray – with a charismatic woman out in front of the band – or Led Zep than, say, Amy Winehouse. Intense frontwoman Lizzie Edwards might not only be the best blue-eyed soul singer in New York: she might be the best blue-eyed soul singer anywhere.” – NY Music Daily

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Rock
From: New York, TN