Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional

Chris Carrabba had written over a dozen new songs when he uncovered "We Fight," the opening track on Crooked Shadows, Dashboard Confessional's seventh album. The song became the launching point for each note that followed, the bar under which each track was measured. It contains a dynamic force, a surging energy, that resonates throughout the album, and reflects back on everything Dashboard Confessional has achieved in the past two decades.

At first "We Fight" was simple in its intent, written about the Florida music scene where Chris grew up. It was a place where everyone was accepted and no one was judged, a island of inclusivity worth defending. Chris and his compatriots fought for the scene and fostered it, encouraging individualism and non-judgment. But as Chris was writing it, the song transformed into something bigger. "The election happened and suddenly the song felt relevant because of this climate of intolerance and aggression and hate," Chris says. "We regressed as a nation to this place where people embrace backwards thinking. So the fight that started in our scene still felt relevant. It seems like it's going to last longer than we'd like, but we have to stay here to

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Nashville, TN