Acid House Ragas

Acid House Ragas
Acid House Ragas - Burning (Raga Bhairavi)

Seated barefoot on a small rug, Acid House Ragas, a.k.a. Rishi Dhir, plucks his sitar, captivating audiences with its exotic sound. The musician formed the Montreal-based indie band Elephant Stone in 2009 and has gained a devoted fan following for his signature eccentric sound. Starting with some traditional tunes, the Acid House Ragas set works in electronic rhythms that blend seamlessly with the dreamy twangs of the sitar, building until it is tradition-meets-synthesizer. This is full-blown psychedelia, performed live by a mesmerizing artist who will captivate the crowd until the only thing left to do is dance.

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Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Psychedelic
From: Montreal, QC, CANADA