Olivia Noelle

Olivia Noelle

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Olivia Noelle pulls absolutely no punches. She’ll call out an ex with her middle finger raised over nineties Pop/R&B production in one breath while urging for equality with a powerhouse vocal run in the next. Her forthcoming music on Columbia Records is direct and unapologetic, leaving politeness and cute metaphors at the door.

“Made Of Gold” introduces her with a bang. The song slips from a nineties-style dancefloor crescendo into the head-turning hook—“You don’t see I’m made of fucking gold, so let me break it down in words you’ll know. If I ain’t part of your plan, then tonight it’s you and your hand, baby.” Other songs, such as “High For Me,” flaunt her show-stopping falsetto.

“You hear me in my music – I’m not trying to be anyone else,” Olivia explains. “My songs are conversational, so I love when people can directly relate to the content, the feeling, and the emotion. Over the last two years, I’ve focused on being unapologetically myself and I hope to empower people to do the same.”

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Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Brand Partnership, Other Artists to Tour With, PR/Publicity Agency, Producer/Studio Engineer, Publishing, Sync/Music Supervisors

Genre: Pop
Subgenre: R & B
From: Queens, NY