Chencha Berrinches

Chencha Berrinches
Chencha Berrinches - Take Me To Jamaica

Emerging from South Gate in 1996 on the southeast edges of urban LA, the rowdy and popular quintet formed by former schoolmates borrowed the name given by a crotchety old village crone in Guanajuato Mexico, hometown of band co-founder Armando “Don Diavlo” Ramos. “Berrinche,” English for a gruff, angry complaint, grouse or tantrum, reflected their irreverent rebel spirit. The band went from backyards to the go-to opening act for the bigger touring rock en español and alt-indie bands playing auditoriums and major venues. They released the independent demo "A Lo Que Te Truje Chencha," selling over 10K copies. A slew of videos representing their most enduring material can be found on YouTube. Currently, Chencha Berrinches released a 4 song EP on Nov.2 2017 with an All-star production. Produced by Sax, founding member of Mexican Rock legends, Maldita Vecindad, featuring cameos by some of the top musicians in the Mexican ska community like Tremenda Korte & Visuals by Tuco Flores of Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro. The band will begin production of a much anticipated album under the direction of John Avila a master in the industry, who has worked with Save Ferris, Viernes 13, Oingo Boingo.

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Genre: Ska
Subgenre: Rock
From: South Gate, CA