Fishbach - Mortel

It had been a while since we’d witnessed so astounding a take off for an artist: Fishbach, age 25, has her name on everyone’s lips, fascinating and troubling all who come across her. Revealed in France only just a year ago, the young singer’s voice is one of surprise and sensuality which instantly sets itself apart from the norm.
Her voice goes from a soft and almost gentle whisper to a rugged and loud chant, deep and incantatory. On stage, she adopts a charismatic and androgyne figure, a pop character between Kate Bush and Ian Curtis.
Her first two singles demonstrate the range of her talent. Y crois-tu (Do You Believe It), both intimate and powerful, is a song carried by deeply personal subjects and emotions - nature and her elements are omnipresent throughout the song’s lyrics.
Un Autre Que Moi ("Another Me" in reference to Rimbaud’s famous words “Je est un autre”) is constructed around a minimal synth groove over which Fishbach delivers an intense performance.
The beautiful music video, directed by Spanish duo Manfre & Iker Iturria, dives us into a nocturnal and schizophrenic world where time and space seem to come to a halt.

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Pop
From: Paris, FRANCE