Chuck Auerbach

Chuck Auerbach
Chuck Auerbach - It's Only Words (Basement Recording)

Chuck Auerbach:

Married in ’74, still married, same gal. 2 sons, one’s famous, one’s not, both wonderful.

Professional Life: worked in drug rehab, forestry, antiques/folk art dealer for 38 years, lyricist/songwriter since 2001, vocalist since 2015. Personal life: dad, grandpa, cook, coach, hunter/gatherer, explainer.

First album bought was in 1958, Chuck Berry. Favorite albums: Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On), Beatles (Sgt.Pepper), Grateful Dead (Live Dead), Black Keys (Brothers, Chulahoma). Favorite concerts: Janis Joplin (Atlantic City Pop Festival), Grateful Dead (Fillmore East), Temptations (Paramus NJ), Doors (MSG), Black Keys (MSG), Favorite musical genres: all, except new country.

Favorite people: hard working, honest, generous. Least favorite people: greedy, selfish, liars.

Bucket list: none.

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Genre: Americana
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Akron, OH