Albert Hammond Jr

Albert Hammond Jr
Albert Hammond Jr - Muted Beatings

Born: Van Nuys, California: a suburban area known as The Valley

Schooling: Was schooled in The Valley. Studied film in NYC, but dropped out to study Jungian philosophy and the underground

Work stint: Record store employee. Alphabetized records, movies and porn.... lots of porn. Got fired....

Music stint: Formed The Strokes with 4 other accomplices.

Name: Albert Hammond Jr. shortened to AHJ. Found the best sound was at maximum amplification.

Changes: Found a mask to tell my story. Found my lost persona in Francis Trouble

Marital Status: Wife Justyna

Domicile: A throwback to the life style of Henry David Theroux in the Catskill Mountains near Bethal, New York.

Do not fear the unknown for it is constantly there.

Albert Hammond Jr's fourth solo album Francis Trouble explores a deeply personal topic - the stillborn death of his twin brother, Francis, and the lingering effects that event has had in his life and music.

In November of 1979, Hammond Jr's mother, Claudia, miscarried. Although they rushed to the hospital, Claudia and Albert Hammond Sr. were told that the baby was far too premature to live. Albert continued to grow inside of his mother undetected until she was

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: New York, NY