Breaking Forms

Breaking Forms

credit: Andrew Zizik

Breaking Forms - Carnival

Married by day, sound warriors by night, Breaking Forms is a combination of space aesthetics and boundless love. Veterans of the new Chilean wave sound, Breaking Forms formed in Chile just before moving to the US. Nicole L’Huillier, ex-Condor Jet drummer, and Juan Necochea, ex-Picnic Kibun, found a new home at the MIT Media Lab, where Nicole is a PhD Researcher in a group called Opera of the Future. She is a sound artist and experiments with crazy installations using sound as a construction material, as well as building synthesizers and sonic spaces, elements that directly inspire the Breaking Forms multiverse and their sonic explorations.

They released their debut EP, UNO (2015) through Weiner Records, followed by the “Ask Me Now” (2017) single on Burger Records Latam. Their following two releases, EP DOS (2017) and TRES (2018) were released through Tierra de Fuego.
Now they are collaborating with musicians, artists, scientists, technologists, fashion designers, futurists and inventors from the local east coast scene as well as taking that scene back and forth to Chile.

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Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Indie Pop
From: Boston, MA