Breakfast Muff

Breakfast Muff

credit: Paul Burt

Breakfast Muff - R U A Feminist

From Glasgow’s fertile DIY punk scene come Breakfast Muff, a thrillingly uncompromising pop trio whose new album Eurgh! is out now on Amour Foo Records. Bandmates Eilidh McMillan, Simone Wilson and Cal Donnelly switch between guitar, bass and drums in a cacophony of anxiety, celebration and creativity. Featuring songs about sexuality, feminism and feelings, Eurgh! ranges from soft to screechy, and is an all-round giant dose of fun.

Tackling subjects head-on, their stance on a range of subjects is clear: “R U A Feminist” laments the use of feminism to mask violence, while disco boys who throw their weight around on the dance floor are the casualties of “Raspberry Pavlova”. Other songs explore the impossible expectations put on young people by previous generations (“Babyboomers”), labelling and sexuality (“I Like To”), and bullying (“Lunch Money).

The album title Eurgh! perfectly encapsulates Breakfast Muff’s sound. It’s an expression that can be both an exclamation of disgust or a cry of passion, and in this album it’s certainly both. Their live shows are renowned for being some of the most energetic and exciting around, veering between defiant anger and joyous celebration. 

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Genre: Punk
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND