Tan Frío el Verano

Tan Frío el Verano

credit: Tan Frío el Verano

Tan Frío el Verano - Vuelven Los Muertos

Each day has a night. Joy its sadness. Warmth, its coldness. Contrast is an act of courage. Pure will to change. It is not only reaction, but also reinvention. That’s what it’s all about: leaving the known and facing the unknown, the veiled, what is different. Every creative force passes that duality. It’s a journey that completes its identity, with both sides: the light and the dark, its ying and its yang. As a whole; like the universe itself, in equilibrium. That is the spirit that drives Tan Frío el Verano, a Post-Rock band that was born in Venezuela but it is now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ‘Otoño’ is their new album. Ten songs that symbolize a real turn, totally the opposite of what has been done before: ‘Primavera’ (2012). An unexpected break, jarring and exploratory. Rafael García, the brain of this project that transcends territorial boundaries - and music-, explains it this way: “Our first songs were surrounded by an optimistic nostalgia, hope and full of life. What we make today is the opposite: everything is much darker, experimental and in minor tones". In addition, we added new sound resources, such as: noise, industrial influences, glitch and IDM.

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Subgenre: Avant / Experimental
From: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA