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BP Valenzuela
BP Valenzuela - bbgirl

B.P. VALENZUELA is a 22 year old electronic musician with analog sensibilities –– aside from being a producer, she is a singer-songwriter first and foremost. She eschews laptops for intimacy, instead arming herself with electronic friends: drum machines, analog synthesizers, loop stations and samplers ––– having all of them subtly interweave into the sometimes quiet, sometimes dancy, organic and ambient selements that make it a unique experience live. Out of a whim in her freshman year, she began to start writing for herself, and was introduced to audiences and airwaves with her critically acclaimed self-produced debut EP: be/ep. Soon to release her full-length album, The Neon Hour, she has gained traction with the fancy, exuberant internet single "Pretty Car" and be/ep's single, the quiet and introspective "General Scheme of Things". Her songs touch on the gray area of heartbreak, where pain meets joy, where memories meet the present, amongst themes of alienation and her coming of age against the backdrop of meticulous, moody, and catchy electropop.

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Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Indie Pop